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“Febina InfoTech Pvt. Ltd provided me with best Digital Marketing service and helped me to capture mass market for my products. I have been very happy with their work. Once again I thank this company for helping me to reach my desired Business height which I always dreamed.”

Varad JoshiCertified Client

“I really enjoyed my learning experience with this Institute. Aadarsh sir has been the best trainer and mentor. His teaching and guidance has made me a very confident makeup artist. I learned so much more than I could have every imagined.”

Simran DandagawalCertified Client

“Febina Clothing has become my go-to store for updating my clothing line-up. May it be a fancy dinner or traditional function their collection have dresses for every occasion. I am very happy to find such store.”

Priti BahetiCertified Client

“A big thanks to you and your entire team for planning such a spectacular event for us. Our event could not achieve its success without your planning and marketing. We are looking forward to collaborate again with your company for our next event.”

Naresh RankaCertified Client

“I was introduced to Febina’s Beauty and Cosmetic store through my friend. When I visited the place I was very happy to find all Beauty Brand products under one roof. The beauty advisors over there helped me to choose best product according to my skin type.”

Saloni SinhaCertified Client

“I visit this store frequently to update my Jewel collection with current trend and style. The collection over here keeps on changing as per the customers need. I am very satisfied with its quality.”

Nia KhanCertified Client

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life

Information Technology

Marketing buddy to your Every business goals.

Event Management

The driving force in making Your event successful

Beauty & Cosmetics

One-Stop Hub of Beauty Brands under one roof

Make-up Institute

Shaping your Skill as Professional Makeup Artist.

Business Consultant

Solution to Your all Business Problem.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • To Empower every Business by Becoming its Branding Partner.
  • Support Women Empowerment to make them stand Independent.
  • To draw every Individual Passion into a Successful Profession.
  • To Help and Guide Companies to achieve its every Business Goal.
  • To shape every aspiring makeup student into Professional Makeup and Hairstyle Artist.

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Rajni Thakur

No force is more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise.

“No force is more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise.”
Though born to a conservative family, I was always ambitious of becoming an independent business woman and to create my own identity in society.
I remember once my Grandfather told me, “log unko yaad rakhte hai jo kuch hasil karta hai aur bakio se alag kam karta hai”. That one sentence and that thought inspired me and gave mission to my life. That moment I decided, I don’t want to be ordinary personality like others but extra-ordinary like no one.
Usually if a girl is born then parents have only one dream for her which is marriage and settling their girl in a good family, like others my parents too never concentrated much on my career and were in hurry to settle down me in life. In the year 1996, I got married in Thakur family and was lucky and blessed enough to get a supportive family and husband who respected my passion and allowed me to work and let fulfill my dream.
I started my working career in 1998 from a small Hair and Skin academy in Jabalpur. Constant learning and seeking for new opportunities was in my nature. Within a year of my working career I got a big opportunity to work in the field of Sales and Marketing. With constant hardwork and dedication towards my work, I was awarded as the best Sales and marketing leader in entire state and was the first female to own a car as an incentive for best result.
In 2004 I shifted to Pune, Maharashtra and introduced my own company FEBINA. With constant hard work and passion towards my Goal, Today I am the owner of Febina Group of Companies in Pune. My journey from Jabalpur to Pune was not easy, I had to sacrifice a lot, took many tough decision. Yesterday’s hard time crowned my name as one of the Successful Business Woman and gifted me today my own Business Empire.
Time and Destiny always challenge us at every step of our life, in the year 2010 I was detected with Spinal Cord injury and due to which I was completely on bed rest and couldn’t continue to work. In those conditions also I never gave up working and continue to work from home. During my that hard time I met Chitresh Soni for the first time, who is now Co- Founder of Febina. My skills and his ideas made me bounce back in my Business Career and again I continue to walk towards my Dream again. If our goal and mission of our Life is clear then no power can stop you from achieving it.

Chitresh Soni

Persistence is the path to success and Passion is route to it.

Like every young blooded youth, I too always wanted to establish my name and own company. In my mind it was very clear that I want to be an entrepreneur, but path to it was all tangled.
After passing my 12th grade, with decent rank I took admission in engineering with confused mind. Everyone was happy from my decision of choosing this field except me as I wanted to follow my passion. I told my dad that I wound not continue this as I always want to be an entrepreneur. My dream is to become a brand name not a person who is working for someone else. In a half way I left engineering.
At a young age of 25-26 I was living my happy life and was capable enough to afford all the dreams of my Family. But as we know life is all about ups and downs, after all the rosy days in Diamond market I faced a huge loss in my business which was difficult to recover. That moment I decided to jump back and would start a business without capital.
In those hard days, I met Rajni Thakur founder of Febina and CEO of Febina Group through a mutual friend. In our initial meets there was no talk about business but pure observation and understanding. After sometimes when I finally understood Ma’am, I joined with her for a business without capital.
This all began in 2012 and today I am the co-founder of Febina Group. We have been working together from Jabalpur and are proud to establish this organisation in Pune.

Kirti Sarathi

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