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Febina make-up artistry Institute located in the heart of Pune has nurtured itself as one of the most reputed and ace Make-up & Hairstyling institute.
We mainly focus on providing best education through our highly qualified professional trainers who have experience of working with popular celebrities and brands.
Our Institute offers a wide range of courses from basic to advance of duration ranging from 30 days to 6 months. We proudly see our Institute as one providing the best make-up education and building careers of many enthusiasts students.
Mission of this institute is to train aspiring students who wants to establish and upgrade their career in this industry.

Attention to Detail

Certificate Make-Up Artist Course by celebrity make-up artist Aadarsh Dwivedi
• 10 Advance make-up looks
• 15 Various Hairstyle
• We provide free complementary make-up kit

Bloom your Career and become a Professional Makeup & Hair artist.

If you are looking up to become a professional Makeup artist then this eminent course by Febina Institute is just perfect to add on your skills as a pro artist. This course has been designed to teach you basic to advance levels of makeup and hairstyling. This course also provides training in professional makeup and Hair skills. Our practical hand-on experience master’s you as an ace artist.  Join us today and mark your name in this demanding Industry.

Learning in this course-

Teaching and Practise sessions on:

  • Self Makeup and Hair
  • Party Makeup and Hair
  • Maharashtrian Makeup and Hair
  • Reception look
  • Groom/ Male makeup
  • Fashion/ Fantasy Makeup and hair
  • Cut Crease Bridal
  • Smokey Makeup and Hair
  • Problematic/ acne-prone makeup and Hair
  • Airbrush Makeup and Hair

Make your Professional Beautician Career and mark your artistic Growth

If you want to build your career in the Makeup Industry, then this 6 months comprehensive course has been designed for anyone who wants to establish a successful career as a professional makeup artist. This course is for aspirants looking forward to building their career as beauticians.

1st Month

First Month

  • Daily Practise of Threading
  • Daily care (Groom our self)
  1. CTMP
  2. CTTMP
  3. pH level of knowledge
  4. Theory + Practical
  5. Thread Retraining + scissors and Comb practice in a professional way
  6. Skin Theory
  7. Types of Skin (skin analysis, face shapes and skin tones)
  • Hair Treatments
  1. Hair fall
  2. Dandruff
  3. Thin hair
  4. Frizzy hair
  • Skin Treatment
  1. Anti-aging
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Pimples
  4. Under-eye dark circles
  5. Puffy eyes
  6. Even skin tone
  7. Fairness
  • Night Care and Day Care of Skin and Hair
  • Weekly Care according to Skin and Hair problem
  • Hair Cutting Section + Parting
  1. Types of Sections
  2. Drawing plus theory

2nd Month

Second Month

  • D-Tan deep knowledge and benefits
  • Bleach deep knowledge and benefits
  • Face pack application in professional way
  • Benefits of face packs (deeply in Skin)
  • Kinds of face pack (accordingly to Skin and Age)
  • Face pack timing according to skin type
  • Tools Knowledge
  1. Hair Tools
  2. Skin Tools
  3. Hygiene and Safety
  • Practical Practice about Hair cutting sectioning with tools
  • Eyebrow Drawing and theory
  • Types of eyebrows
  • Makeup theory plus practical
  1. Basic makeup
  2. Advance makeup
  3. Nude makeup
  • Knowledge of makeup products
  1. Basic to Advance
  • Self Facial (massage strokes)
  • Self clean-up
  • Practical and Product Knowledge
  • Waxing (Drawing + Deep Knowledge)

3rd Month

Third Month

  • D-Tan with cleanup
  • Bleach with Cleanup
  • Waxing (types of wax)
  • Practical session of waxing
  • Consultation with clients
  • Facial product knowledge
  • Facial strokes practice
  • Manicure and Pedicure (practical knowledge)
  • Nail Structure
  • Threading practice on upper lips, fore head and full face

4th Month

Fourth Month

  • Advance Makeup
  1. Engagement makeup
  2. Party Looks
  3. Smokey eye
  4. Cut crease eye makeup
  5. Bridal makeup
  • Hair setting spray, moose, Tonic Serum deep knowledge
  • Start Hair Cuts with Hair Setting Basic + Advance
  • Bleach with Facial (full)
  • Knowledge of Home Care products
  • Advance wax knowledge

Types of Advance wax forms

5th Month

Fifth Month

  • Ironing
  • Blow Dry
  • Curls
  • Crimping
  • Global Colours, Highlighting, Root Touch
  • Advanced wax
  1. Rica wax
  2. Brazilian wax
  3. Bean wax
  • Advanced Machinery Treatments
  • High Frequency
  • Galvanic
  • Ultra Sonic
  • Advanced Hair Spa L’Oreal,

6th Month

Sixth Month

  • Full Portion Practice
  • Exam
Good Value

Six Month Certified Professional Parlour Course

Basic to advance parlor training.



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